Learn About Travel Nurses

At Travel Nurses, we guarantee that our employees will meet your hiring criteria. We promise to be a solid partner, focused on your needs. Our selection process is comprehensive and broad. For your peace of mind, we also send you written copies of employee credentials as part of our process. We understand your facility has changing needs. That is why we are dedicated to staffing you with qualified individuals for any situation. We have the best recruitment and retention programs for nurses, physicians, radiology technicians, and other health care professionals. Moreover, we want our clients to become fans of our service. We achieve this by providing staffing solutions crafted by people who understand and have worked in your industry.

Mission Statement: to Achieve Our Vision. Travel Nurses Is Committed to:

• Developing & Maintaining Relationships with Our Clients & Employees to Promote Quality Service.
• Promote Ongoing Continuing Education & Training to Enhance Skills, Knowledge & Understanding.
• Continued Development & Maintenance of High Standards for Screening, Hiring & Retaining Employees.
• Partnering with Facilities/Organizations to Provide Staffing Solutions on a Short or Long-Term Basis.
• Encouraging an Atmosphere That Enables Personnel to Feel Valued & Encouraged to Contribute to the
  Growth, Ongoing Development & Success of the Company.

Contact Us or call (804) 330-4040 to learn more about our staffing agency and how it can cater to you.